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Roxane Gay’s Hunger Challenges Toxic Societal Norms

Trigger Warning: Discussion of rape, difficult relationships with food Roxane Gay’s memoir, Hunger, is intensely moving. And although she refers to it as a “confession”, it can undoubtedly be considered a personal story with implications for us all. Gay confronts the unimaginable pain of her past with bravery, and in …
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Nichi Hodgson

Bisexual Identities, Erasure and Representation: An Interview with Nichi Hodgson

At Student Pride 2018, The Nopebook had the pleasure of sitting down with Nichi Hodgson, journalist, sex educator, ex-dominatrix and one of the panellists for the event’s bisexuality discussion on bi representation, erasure and allyship. As a public figure and openly bisexual woman, Nichi offers her insight into bisexual representation, erasure …
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How The Glass Castle Helped Me Deal With My Parent’s Alcoholism

Trigger warning: discussion of neglect, domestic violence and alcoholism – Film has the power to move you. It has an innate way to capture your dreams and fantasies, transporting you to a world beyond your own. Sometimes, it is reflects your own life, mirroring a part of you and helping …