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Dear Jamie Oliver, Obesity is Not the Problem, it’s the Symptom

Jamie Oliver is under fire (again) this week for his latest apparent attack on the poor. In an effort to halve ‘childhood obesity’ in Scotland by 2030, Nicola Sturgeon confirmed during a meeting with Jamie Oliver that Scotland will ban price-cutting and two-for-one style promotions on sweets, crisps and other …
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Mental Health Awareness Week poster reading 'No Health Without Mental Health'

It’s Time to Talk About the NHS’ Mental Health Crisis

Trigger warning: terrorism, suicide, mental health issues and treatment. — A little under a year ago, Manchester Arena was attacked by a suicide bomber, and 22 people died, and many more were injured. Money was donated to the survivors, and local and national government made all sorts of promises. But, …
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Two Generations of Fibromyalgia

In 1992, 23 year old Sharon McDonagh-Delves gave birth to a baby girl – me. Three months later, following some investigation that started while she was pregnant, her blood test for rheumatoid factor came back positive and she began being treated for Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis (JRA), a condition which explained …