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Why Coco Chanel Shouldn’t Be On Your ‘Inspiring Women’ List

Trigger Warning: This post contains discussion of Nazism, concentration camps, murder, and antisemitism. — Today is International Women’s Day, which means that my inbox and my Instagram feed have been full of the requisite hashtags and photos of slogan tees that cost hundreds of times more than the workers who made them …
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Image from a Pride protest, containing a crowd of people dressed in rainbow colours carrying rainbow placards

Pride is a Protest, Not a Music Festival

I took a local approach to Pride 2018. I couldn’t afford tickets to some of the larger Prides in bigger cities, nor the train fares and hotel stays that I’d need alongside them. Instead, I hopped on my usual bus and headed into town for my local Pride event. I …
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Group photo of the MPs who have formed the Independent Group

What Does the Independent Group Mean for British Politics?

The MPs breaking away from their parties in favour of the Independent Group show the cracks in established politics, but do they have the authenticity and drive to drum up widespread support for their independent movement? On Monday morning, the Twitter account for Young Labour tweeted: “Though cowards flinch and …