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Waitrose’s ‘Healthy Eating Specialists’ are a Recipe for Fatphobia

Waitrose have announced that they’re introducing ‘healthy eating specialists’ on the shop floors of their stores, who will provide ‘nutritional help’ to customers as they go about their shopping. This follows research conducted by the supermarket, where they found that around half of shoppers would say that they don’t feel …
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#Next100Years: A Woman’s Place is in the Gallery

Gender segregation in art schools, barring from life drawing classes, and no elected women in the Royal Academy of the Arts (RA): by the time a proportion of women won the right to vote, they had emerged from a century of discrimination and underrepresentation in the arts world.  And they …
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The Nopebook editors angry feminists

How We Became Feminists

All feminists have moments that made us so — things that acted as turning points for us in realising that women and non binary folk weren’t equal to men and it was our job to fight to change that. On International Women’s Day 2018, The Nopebook’s editorial team share their …