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#Next100Years: A Bloody Novel Way to Tackle Period Poverty

I remember fighting with my Nana when I first got my period. Not just because I was hormonal as f*ck, but because she kept insisting that I use pads when I was determined to try tampons! Despite our monthly bickering, I was lucky. Bloody lucky. I was young, but still fortunate …
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International Women's Day #Next100Years

#Next100Years: What’s Next in the Fight for Equality?

Happy International Women’s Day 2018!  This year is something of a milestone for women’s rights – on February 6th 1918, The Representation of the People Act was passed, giving certain women over the age of 30 a vote and the right to stand for Parliament. This year, many have been celebrating 100 years since this …
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Brewdog Pink IPA for International Women's Day

Brewdog Pink IPA isn’t Just a Marketing Ploy

With the advent of International Women’s Day, many companies will be bringing out twee pink items to jump on the trend, and at first glance Brewdog were just the latest in a long line. This afternoon, a “beer for girls” Pink IPA was launched and garnered much criticism. But the campaign …