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The New Domestic Abuse Bill Fails to Protect Migrant Women

Speaking out about domestic abuse is an incredibly difficult thing for any woman to do and it takes a lot of courage. For migrant and BAME (Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic) women in the UK, getting the right kind of support can be even more problematic and, according to the …
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The + in LGBTQ+: An Interview with Yasmin Benoit, Asexual Activist and Model

“I may not be in the first four letters, but I do not relate to the heterosexual experience in the slightest.” Yasmin Benoit, asexual activist and model, speaks from the ‘The + in LGBTQ+’ panel at Student Pride 2019. Discussing frequently side-lined identities such as asexuality, intersex and non-binary, the …
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Crazy-Ex Girlfriend Shows Us the Dangers of Using Love as a ‘Cure’

This article contains spoilers for Crazy Ex-Girlfriend CW’s Crazy-Ex Girlfriend (streaming on Netflix for anyone in the UK) has been understandably praised across international media outlets for its great efforts to represent what life with mental illness is like, in an authentic way. Main character Rebecca Bunch (portrayed by writer …