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Natasha Devon, author of A Beginner's Guide to Being Mental, holding a sign reading 'Where's your head at'

Book Review: A Beginner’s Guide to Being Mental by Natasha Devon

“If climate change or capitalism doesn’t cause the apocalypse first, it might very well be heralded by the collective loss of our minds,” Natasha Devon states in the introduction to ‘A Beginner’s Guide to Being Mental’. “This book is therefore my attempt to save the world. No pressure then…” This …
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Famous social media influencers, Kim Kardashian backstage having her makeup done.

The Darker Side of Social Media Influencers

As the world becomes more easily accessible with technological advances, we’re both able and expected to participate in this livestreaming of our most fashionable selves. We’re eternally scrolling, consuming data at a flying rate, and spending on average 135 minutes on social networks a day worldwide. In broadening our horizons …
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Dear Jamie Oliver, Obesity is Not the Problem, it’s the Symptom

Jamie Oliver is under fire (again) this week for his latest apparent attack on the poor. In an effort to halve ‘childhood obesity’ in Scotland by 2030, Nicola Sturgeon confirmed during a meeting with Jamie Oliver that Scotland will ban price-cutting and two-for-one style promotions on sweets, crisps and other …