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Why Netflix’s Representation of Disability is Problematic and Damaging

Trigger Warning: This piece discusses ableism, including the use of ableist slurs — In recent months, Netflix has faced controversy for making various disabilities punch lines in several Netflix Originals. These controversies have left me conflicted: on the one hand, as a disabled person I believe in fair, equal, accurate, …
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Dietland: Not the Unproblematic Alternative to Insatiable It’s Made Out to Be

TW: Whorephobia, fatphobia, violence, weight loss surgery. Over 215,000 people have signed a petition to stop the release of Netflix’s new ‘comedy-drama’, Insatiable,  released today (10 August 2018). The series has been heavily criticised on social media as being fatphobic and fatmisic (‘misia’ meaning hate/hatred). The synopsis of the show is that …
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Freud the Fraud – More Defective than Detective

Trigger Warning: Sexual abuse, victim blaming, mentions of PTSD. — While scrolling Twitter in my lunch hour on Friday, I came across a press release regarding an upcoming Netflix project – an Austrian production simply named Freud. In it, a young, starting out version of the famous psychologist becomes embroiled …