The Dragon and the Wolf – S7E7 Game of Thrones Recap


The season 7 finale of Game of Thrones was full of intense, satisfying and the odd WTF moments, but the feature length episode really was a wild ride from start to finish. Although we have maybe another 18 months to wait before the final season airs, let’s go over what happened in the Dragon and the Wolf.

NB This post is dark and full of spoilers

Enter the Dragonpit



The queens agree to a meeting on neutral ground, the Dragonpit, still littered with the bones of teeny tiny dragons, which we’re sure isn’t meant to be upsetting for Daenerys at all. The Hound squares up to the Mountain, Bronn and Pod go for a drink, Euron buggers off back to the Iron Islands, Cersei gets freaked out by a zombie and they all accept a truce… if the King in the North decides to bend the knee to Cersei.

Unfortunately Jon has decided that honesty is the best policy and chooses that moment to declare that he has already sworn allegiance to House Targaeryan. Naturally, the Queen of the Six Kingdoms storms off in a huff, forcing Tyrion to follow her and beg for help.

Cersei accidentally reveals that she is pregnant to Tyrion, resulting in a heart to heart between the pair. The Queen blames Tyrion for the deaths of Myrcella and Tommen, after which Tyrion adamantly states that he loved those children. Although it was actually Cersei who caused Tommen’s death if she wants to get into the blame game, but whatever.

In the end, the ruling Lannister returns to the Dragonpit, agrees to the temporary ceasefire, and offers to send the majority of their troops north to fight the threat of the undead army. Oh, and Jon and Daenerys make googly eyes at each other in what we are expected to believe is some kind of sexual tension.

Judgement Day



Back in Winterfell, Sansa and Littlefinger are discussing Jon’s sudden change of heart, and of course the danger that Arya, the would-be assassin, poses to her older sister. After Littlefinger spins his usual rhetoric, Sansa decides to call her younger sister to the Great Hall.

Soldiers line the walls of the Great Hall. Sansa and Bran sit at the table as Arya is brought in, the youngest Stark asks if Sansa wishes to go ahead with the plan. The Lady of Winterfell declares that honour demands it… before turning her head towards her mentor/groomer Lord Baelish and forcing him to face her for his crimes.

For the first time that know of, Littlefinger is genuinely caught off guard and is scrambling, desperate to try and talk his way out of this one, however the Stark children stand united. Bran has shared what he knew about Peter’s plotting and scheming with his sisters, and together they have created an elaborate plan to end this treachery. Baelish gets on his knees, to plead with Sansa but before he can even finish his sentence Arya slices his throat. No more lies from you, Littlefinger.

The Inevitable Double Cross



Cersei walks in on Jaime organising the Lannister forces for their journey north, however the Queen mocks him for being so stupid. Of course she’s not sending her army to fight alongside her enemies, and no Euron hasn’t turned tail and fled, oh no, he’s gone to Essos to pick up the best army money can buy. What a shocker that the current queen of Westeros hasn’t kept her word.

Jaime tries to explain to her that they will need to defeat the army of the dead or there will be no future for any of them. Unfortunately Cersei doesn’t see it that way; as far as she’s concerned, she should hole up in King’s Landing and keep her troops to protect herself.

The Mountain stops Jaime from leaving, and Cersei tells her brother/lover that she doesn’t need him anymore — the baby in her belly is another Lannister, and he isn’t the only Lannister left to love her. He tells her that he doesn’t believe her and walks out of there. He sheds the Lannister regalia, throws on his leathers and starts riding north on the King’s Road — he is not running away from this fight.

The Dragon and the Wolf



Sam finally makes his way to Winterfell, his first port of call being Bran who informs the maybe-maester that he is the Three-Eyed Raven. Sam, like everybody else who is told this information, has no idea what that means. So Bran informs him that he sees the present and the past, maybe the future, but we’re still a bit iffy on that one. They have a wee chat and Bran spills the beans that Jon isn’t his brother, but his cousin and to top it all off, he is the son of Rhaegar and Lyanna.

Jon is the product of the dragon and the wolf, and Bran states that his name is Sand, not Snow. He is soon corrected by Sam, who lest we forget had to translate a ton of tomes after his saving Jorah’s life debacle. The very tome that Gilly was reading stated that Rhaegar and Elanna’s marriage had been annulled and that the prince had married Lyanna in a secret ceremony.

This meant that Jon was no longer a bastard, he is now the true heir to the Iron Throne. Through his visions Bran hears Jon’s true name, Aegon, because of course name the baby after the recently deceased son of your husband, yeah that’s not weird.

It’s at this time that the other Dragon and Wolf decide to get all incesty on a boat on its way North, but they don’t know they’re related which makes it less weird, right..?

Say it Aint So, Tormund!



Finally, the moment we’ve waited seven seasons for: the White Walkers reach the wall. Wights, zombie-giants and the like are all heading towards the border. This in itself isn’t too bad — sure, they’re a relatively unnstoppable killing force, but they can’t get through the wall. Unless of course someone puts a hole in it…

The Night King swoops in on the back of Sindragosa, oops, we mean Vyserian, who is breathing ice fire (we guess) which destroys a chunk of wall and drops Eastwatch by-the-sea, well, into the sea. Everyone’s favourite ginger Tormund Giantsbane is atop the wall with Beric Dondarion, although we do not know if the were on the side that crumpled, or if they just watched the undead dragon fly past.

It would be weird if Beric were to perish at this moment, as the Lord of Light kept him alive for some purpose and to just fall into the icy sea doesn’t really seem fitting.

Final Thoughts on the Finale

  • Where in Seven Hells is Gendry? Is he alive? Is he dead?!
  • Are Bronn and Pod still away for that one drink, or are they joining the good fight?
  • Will Tormund survive long enough to win Brienne’s heart?
  • Is Tyrion glowering because he loves Dany, or Jon, or has he made a insidious deal with Cersei?
  • Will someone ever make Dany some armour or at least a helmet!?
  • When will we have Clegane-Bowl!?
  • Is Yara on the Iron Islands or is she on Euron’s ship?
  • Will Theon redeem himself and save his sister?
  • When Jon finds out will he give up his claim, or demand it…?
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