Our Mission

Our Mission

The Nopebook strives to create content for the people who are sick of eye-wateringly single minded content. We create thought-provoking and entertaining content for real people who are interested in other real people. We believe in equality and intersectionality. We want to give a voice to creators from every background, and build a community of feminists who believe in bettering society and not shying away from difficult conversations.

If it ain’t Intersectional, it ain’t for The Nopebook

Intersectional feminism acknowledges that women are not just women. They are black women and trans women; poor women and disabled women. They’re LGBT+ women and sex workers and neurodivergent and a whole host of other identities. And those identities all influence how a woman experiences womanhood.  

The term was originally coined by American civil rights advocate, Kimberlé Williams Crenshaw to explain how black women experience misogyny differently from white women — how their blackness intersects with their womanhood — but it is now used to apply to a feminism that is inclusive of all women. 

It sounds obvious, but sadly too many feminists think their fight is the only fight worth having. They think that a victory for a white woman is a victory for all women — when in actual fact every woman faces a unique fight and all of those fights are important. 

This kind of feminism — that is, ‘white’ feminism that centres only on middle class, white, straight, cisgendered, abled women — is everywhere. It’s in the pussy power signs that ignore the fact that not every woman has a vagina or that every person with a vagina is a woman. It’s in the pay gap statistics that forget that black women earn even less than white women. It’s in Trump’s voter statistics that reveal that white women overwhelmingly value whiteness above all else.  

But this kind of feminism is, quite frankly, useless. A world that only values one kind of woman is no better than a world that only values men. A feminist that pulls that ladder up after she’s reached the top is little better than a man who treads on women to keep them down. Equality is not equality unless it’s equality for all: all genders, all races, all body types, all classes.  

In short, if it ain’t intersectional, it ain’t feminism. 

Here at The Nopebook, we believe firmly in intersectionality. That’s why we recruit diverse writers from all walks of life, and publish content that covers issues from racism, to ableism, to sex ed and beyond. We believe in amplifying the voices of all marginalised groups, and strive to be as intersectional as possible. 

We are, however, only human. We won’t always get it right. Sometimes our privilege will blind us and we’ll fail to live up to our own ideals. So if you see us mess up — tell us. We want to learn. We want to be challenged. We want to grow. We want everyone to be able to see themselves reflected in our content.  

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