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What White People Need to Learn About White Supremacy

All white people are racists.   That got your attention, didn’t it? Before you start on the whole ‘How dare you’ thing, I’m white and, while I try my very hardest not to be prejudiced, I am – because that’s what I was taught by society as I grew up. I don’t always realise it, but that is …
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Women's writing groups

What to Watch Out For in Women’s Writing Groups

I’m just going to come out and say it: the literary industry is biased in favour of male authorship. As helpfully shown by these infographics at VIDA, we can see that those who identify as women authors have their books reviewed significantly less than male authors. Not only that, but …
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Strictly Come Dancing Recap: Launch Show

Da da da da da da da! Strictly Come Dancing, the glitziest, campest show on television, is back! The launch show bursts onto our screens with a glamorous red carpet, lots of excitement and of course incredible dancing. This flicks to the studio in a ‘seamless’ flash, with an amazing …