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Theresa May with her face painted half with the English flag, half with the EU flag.

May’s Brexit Plan B is No Different From Her Plan A

The last two weeks of failed Brexit progress clearly show that the trust in Westminster is too weak to heal our country’s divide. The ‘meaningful vote’ for MPs on the terms of the EU withdrawal agreement was originally scheduled to take place prior to the parliamentary winter recess, but had …
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Henry VIII

Brexit Chaos? I Blame Henry VIII

Considering the Brexit question yet again, I listen to various MPs talk about the increasing likelihood that we’ll crash out of Europe. They say this sorrowfully, as if to convey that they regret the disaster this would be, but what can they do? The problem is, they say, that there’s …

Why I Still Love New Year’s Resolutions

New Year’s resolutions get a bad rap. Where once it was the done thing to loudly proclaim “NEW YEAR, NEW ME” from the rooftops, now all the cool kids are shunning goals and resolutions in favour of a slower pace of life. “Who needs goals?” they Tweet. “2019 is all …