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I Lied About My Ethnicity To Fit In At School

I love being mixed race, I tan with ease and never suffer sunburn. I am a combination of two completely different cultures. My ‘foreign side’ will always make for good conversation and I don’t have much trouble matching eye shadow and lipstick shades to my skin. I wouldn’t consider myself …
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Kat Von D Vaccinations

Vaccination is Not Up For Debate – Even for Kat Von D

Last week, a screenshot of an Instagram comment by tattooist, make-up purveyor, and celebrity vegan Kat Von D crossed my Twitter page. In response to another user’s comment to “do your research on vaccines, they aren’t vegan!”, she replies “there’s no way we are vaccinating our baby. High-five to you …
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H&M store front with Eat The Doughnut graphic overlay

H&M’s “Small Victory”, But Only If You Already Wear ‘Regular’ Sizes

Eat the Doughnut is a bi-monthly column by Becki Jayne Crossley, discussing body positivity, fatphobia in society and the media, and current events relating to the two! Content warning: this column will regularly discuss fatphobia comments, actions and ideas. — As a plus-size woman, clothes shopping can be something of …