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Lily Allen Takes Control of Her Own Story with No Shame

This week, Lily Allen had intimate photos of her that were taken without consent sent to her, with the caption  “this photo will be on the internet forever Lils”. And she was having none of it. These photos were shared to her as a way to demean, undermine and humiliate …
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Natasha Devon, author of A Beginner's Guide to Being Mental, holding a sign reading 'Where's your head at'

Book Review: A Beginner’s Guide to Being Mental by Natasha Devon

“If climate change or capitalism doesn’t cause the apocalypse first, it might very well be heralded by the collective loss of our minds,” Natasha Devon states in the introduction to ‘A Beginner’s Guide to Being Mental’. “This book is therefore my attempt to save the world. No pressure then…” This …