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Black woman in vibrant clothes against a colourful geometric background (African Fashion)

Black Panther Has Sparked an African Fashion Revolution

Last week, London Fashion Week celebrated some of the hottest designers and style icons from around the world. At the same time, social media was buzzing with appreciation and excitement for the new box office sensation, Black Panther. Black Panther has been celebrated for its diversity — for bringing black …
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Child pulling a silly face in the mirror

How We Learn Fatphobia

It’s widely acknowledged that the media has a problem with fat people. Whether they’re the butt of the joke, the gluttonous villain or the undesirable ‘before’, fat bodies are rarely presented in film, television or print in a positive light. It’s understandable then, when bombarded with these fatphobic messages in …
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Roxane Gay’s Hunger Challenges Toxic Societal Norms

Trigger Warning: Discussion of rape, difficult relationships with food Roxane Gay’s memoir, Hunger, is intensely moving. And although she refers to it as a “confession”, it can undoubtedly be considered a personal story with implications for us all. Gay confronts the unimaginable pain of her past with bravery, and in …