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No Longer Clueless: Reading Misfit Characters as Trans

After puberty has kicked you in the balls, the realisation that you are trans prompts a re-evaluation of your life up to that point. It is an overwhelming experience in which multiple, contradictory emotions can hit you all at the same time. There’s the rush of relief mingled with the …
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Save the NHS, Without the Ableism

Hi, it’s Caroline, your disabled and chronically, physically, and mentally ill health editor! I saw more  NHS professionals during my three years of uni than the average person probably sees in their entire lifetime – GPs, physiotherapists, specialists, and so on. Since then, I’ve just continued to add to that. If I …
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Ed Sheeran May Have Got the Grammy, but Kesha’s My Winner

Trigger warning: suicide, mental illness, trauma, sexual assault and rape I’m not the first to write about Kesha and I sure as hell won’t be the last, but here’s the truth: Kesha saved my life. Last summer, after many long years dealing with complex PTSD that had never been diagnosed …