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Crazy-Ex Girlfriend Shows Us the Dangers of Using Love as a ‘Cure’

This article contains spoilers for Crazy Ex-Girlfriend CW’s Crazy-Ex Girlfriend (streaming on Netflix for anyone in the UK) has been understandably praised across international media outlets for its great efforts to represent what life with mental illness is like, in an authentic way. Main character Rebecca Bunch (portrayed by writer …
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Still from the film Rocky of Rocky (Sylvester Stallone) and Adrian (Talia Shire)

Rocky is Not the Hero We Remember

Trigger warning: rape culture — When Rocky was released in 1976, New York Times film reviewer Vincent Canby panned the movie’s inconceivability. His lone positive takeaway was Talia Shire, who he called “genuinely touching and funny as an incipient spinster who comes late to sexual life” in her portrayal of …
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