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US Senator Kamala Harris

Welcome to A Week in Review, a weekly feature where we give you a quick rundown on what’s been going on in the world of politics, activism, and feminism. Because why read the news when you can read a highly condensed summary that essentially tells you the same thing?

Every Friday, we’ll be giving you a quick overview of the major stories from the past week, so you can stay informed without getting sucked into a never-ending cycle of depressing Twitter moments, angry threads, and controversial Hot Takes.

Brexit Chaos continues

Last week, Theresa May’s Brexit deal was categorically voted down by MPs and the PM barely survived another Vote of No Confidence. This week, she came back with her Brexit Plan B… which looks a lot like her Brexit Plan A.

The only real thing of note to come out of May’s Brexit speech on Monday was the fact that she’s scrapped the £65 free for EU citizens to remain in the UK after Brexit. Which is great, but you know what would be better? An actual deal that can pass through Parliament.

The clock is ticking, but nothing much is changing for Brexit. As the 29th March draws ever-closer, No Deal Brexit is looking increasingly likely.

Trump’s historic government shutdown looms on

The US government shutdown is approaching it’s sixth week, and neither Trump nor the Democrats show any sign of budging. This week, the Senate rejected two bills — one Republican, one Democratic — that would have ended the shutdown, leaving 800,000 to miss yet another payday.

Everyone from the FBI to flight traffic controllers to National Park workers to the FDA is feeling the impact of the shutdown, and many federal workers are turning to food banks and the like to get by.

Alex Salmond faces rape charges

The former Scottish First Minister, Alex Salmond, appeared in court this week facing charges of attempted rape and sexual assault.

He’s been charged with 14 offences in total: nine of sexual assault, two of attempted rape, two of indecent assault, and one of breach of the peace.

The politician continues to protest his innocence, as he has done since investigations into his conduct began in September last year.

Elsewhere in the news…

It’s been long assumed that it’s unsafe to take the contraceptive pill every day without a break, but new guidelines suggest that that may not be the case.

Internet giant Google has been hit with a £44m fine for breaching the GDPR with its ads.

US Senator Kamala Harris has announced that she’s running for the 2020 presidency, aiming to be the country’s second Black and first female president.

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