Theresa May Refuses to Condemn Donald Trump… Again

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The UK and the US have always had a special relationship. By which I mean the UK has a nasty habit of bowing down to the US and blindly following them into unjust wars.

You’d have thought, however, that when Donald Trump rose to power the UK would have said enough is enough. After all, it’s one thing to have a ‘special relationship’ with the symbolic face of democracy and freedom; it’s quite another to continue that relationship once said face of democracy and freedom alarmingly begins to resemble a fascist dictatorship.

And yet, Theresa May was the first world leader to visit America after Donald Trump was inaugurated, just days after he took office. She contentiously refused to condemn his abhorrent Muslim or ‘Travel’ ban in January, and her signature was conspicuously absent on an international declaration to oppose Donald Trump’s withdrawal from the Paris Climate deal. If it hadn’t been for the public’s threat of protest, Trump would have visited our shores this summer, welcomed with open arms by Theresa May and her cronies.

Now, in the wake of the terrifying white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Theresa May has once again refused to condemn Donald Trump.

“We all know how well appeasement works out.”

Trump himself condemned violence on ‘both sides’ in the wake of the weekend’s horrific riots–as if brave anti-Nazi protesters are in any way comparable to violent, murderous, and racist white supremacists. Whilst May publicly condemned the racist rally, she refused to comment on the President’s lackluster response, with a spokesperson opting for a vague and evasive answer:

“What the President says is a matter for him,” said May’s spokesperson. “We are very clear… we condemn racism, hatred and violence. We condemn the far right.”

Unfortunately, the only thing clear in this response is the fact that Theresa May clearly wants to keep Donald Trump onside. While hate crimes in the UK have peaked since the recent terror attacks, and while immigrants continue to feel the violent brunt of post-Brexit tensions, May is more concerned with appeasing Donald Trump than with proactively addressing the rise of the far right both at home and abroad.

And we all know how well appeasement works out…

Sadly, Theresa May’s refusal to stand up for what is right is, at this point, unsurprising. We as a country are all too used to our Prime Minister hiding in the shadows and offering weak and meaningless statements in the wake of tragedies: be they terror attacks, Grenfell Tower, or violent Nazi protests.

Given that the US appears to be hurtling ever-closer to both a nuclear war with North Korea and a race war on its own soil, Theresa May’s desperation to keep Trump on side is not just disappointing, it’s terrifying. As it stands, Trump’s idiocy has yet to directly impact Britain, but how long will it be before he’s calling on his allies to support him in outright conflicts?

What will Theresa May do then?

Image by Matt Brown.

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