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Each month, our #YepBooks team announces a book to read and discuss on Twitter using the #YepBooks hashtag!

This month’s book:

Syd Moore – Witch Hunt

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Where to find the book

Witch Hunt is available in paperback for £9.99
or Kindle Edition for £2.99 from Amazon.co.uk

Available at Amazon

Or from £2.80 from eBay


The Nopebook recommends BookButler.com for book price comparison.

Accessibility/Audio Options

Unfortunately this month’s book is not available as an audiobook.

A cheaper alternative is to borrow the audiobook or eBook for free
from your local library or online using Overdrive.com

Overdrive.com - Borrow eBooks & Audiobooks

If you have an illness or disability which makes reading difficult, you may be able to join Listening Books
and gain access to over 8000 titles – including this one!

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